Our bold idea originates from a personal annoyance: bedroom mosquitoes, buzzing you awake all night. While it’s a long way from the bedroom to the greenhouse, insect control is not. Insect pests are a true nuisance in horticulture, resulting in crop losses. We figured out that small drones are a great way to eliminate pest insects. We are now on a journey to revolutionize insect control with a fully automated solution. We help growers to reduce crop losses, mitigate the use of insecticides and automate a labour intensive process.

Bram Tijmons

CEO & Founder

With a master in Business Information Management and known for his serious pitch skills, Bram is the commercial brain behind our endeavor. 

Kevin van Hecke

CTO & Founder

After programming and testing the first learning robot in space (ISS), Kevin needed to bring his crazy ideas back down to earth.

Sjoerd Tijmons

CPO & Founder

With a Ph.D in autonomous control of lightweight drones at the TU Delft Lab, Sjoerd truly has mastered the skills of patience and perseverance.

Ludwig Kragl

German Precision Engineer

A master’s degree in Automation Engineering and highly interested in optimization problems. Ludwig brings precision to our agile drones.

Wouter van den Hof

Flying Robotics Engineer

As our Robotics master with a background in autonomous agricultural vehicles, Wouter now propels his skills into the horti airspace.


Jorn Rietveld

Application Engineer

Graduated with a master’s in Applied Physics, Jorn is now taking our products to the next level by optimizing it for production environments. 

Foto Lotte Bottema (cropped)

Lotte Bottema


Lotte’s models to classify insects brings sense to our data. With a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence she’s the perfect fit for the job. 


Wouter Okkerse

Production Engineer

Wouter is our production engineer with hands-on 3D printing experience. He’s bringing the PATS systems to life.

PATS is on a mission to revolutionize insect control for horticulture. The team is at the core of our success.

Together we are working on the next generation of solutions for sustainable food and flower production.

We encourage open applications, as we are continuously looking for talent to built our team:

     Internships (from January 2022, or earlier)

     Industrial Design Engineering
     AI / Bioinformatics

     Sales & Marketing

E-mail your resume and a brief motivation to 
info@pats-drones.com and we will get in touch!