Koppert Cress optimizes sustainable cultivation with smart drones for crop protection

Rob Baan (Koppert Cress) signs the contract with Sjoerd and Bram Tijmons (PATS Indoor Drone Solutions)
Rob Baan (Koppert Cress) and Sjoerd and Bram Tijmons (PATS) sign the agreement.

15 August 2019 – In early August, Koppert Cress and PATS Indoor Drone Solutions signed an agreement to automate part of the crop protection process with drones. Sustainability is a top priority at Koppert Cress. The company wants to ensure a future in which socially responsible cultivation continues to be of high importance. Mechanical control of pest insects contributes to this goal.

The technology of PATS will be used during a test process in a separate growing environment. This joint process is intended to optimize the system for the specific conditions on site and to actively contribute to crop protection. The small agile drones actively hunt and eliminate flying insect pests such as Golden twin-spot moths. In addition, the system provides insights into the development of pests. Altogether this results in a preventative solution to combat pest development. 

In addition to the sustainable working methods, PATS’ technology offers several advantages in insect control. This can be seen in the increased efficiency of human labor and the reduction of crop damages due to pests. This ultimately has a positive effect on the yields of this crop. 

Updates about the progress of this project will follow in the coming months.