Automating Insect Control

We develop small autonomous drones to keep crops insect free


Inspired by Bats and 


We design drones that eliminate flying insects

We use bioinspiration to proactively control insect populations. Our drones automatically maintain balance in the delicate equilibrium of a greenhouse eco-system by selectively eliminating harmful insects. We understand the market’s needs and wishes to become more sustainable. The demand for biological and organic products increases while regulations on the use of insecticides become tighter. Our approach enables sustainable insect control with applications in all fields of horticulture. Moreover, we reduce your costs involved with insect control practices.

Fields of application

Our drones target flying insects in greenhouses. In the future we also aim for open fields. 

Our current focus is on several types of moths, such as Duponchelia fovealis, Golden twin-spot moth and Tuta Absoluta.
Other insects that we are studying are Lyprauta, Sciara and other small flies.

These insects cause major damages in Floriculture (Gerbera daisies, Chrysanthemum, Phalaenopsis), Fruit (Strawberry) and Vegetables ( Tomato, Cucumber).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see other applications for our technology!

Labour savings

Insect monitoring and elimination are automated, which reduces the need for human intervention.


Less insecticides are required in the production process.

Yield improvement

The number of plants infected by insect pest outbreaks is reduced.


Reducing the number of spraying rounds will result in crops having a higher market value.


Our system is installed in existing greenhouse infrastructures. It acts as an early warning system, continuously monitoring the environment for harmful insects. Inspired by bats hunting insects in flight, elimination is performed by micro-drones that chase the insects

The PATS system is

  • Autonomous
  • Easy-to-fit in existing infrastructure
  • Proactively targeting insects
  • Safe around humans
  • Scalable & low maintenance


Our system is patented and developed in collaboration with TU Delft. This gives us access to the latest developments in autonomous microdrones.








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